Google Product Data Feed

A product feed is a file made up of a list of products and attributes of those products listed so that each product can be displayed, advertised and compared in a certain way. It basically contains the image of the product, its title, product identifier and its attributes.

With the emerging trend of e-commerce websites, product feed helps to supply the content such as search engines, affiliated networks, price comparison between various websites and other similar functions.

The Google shopping team helps merchants to sell their products online with new ad formats and campaigns. To make a better shopping platform for shoppers, merchants look up for organizing product data in a flexible and reachable manner, thus achieving to attract more people to buy things.

Google Products Data Feed

  •    Create MPN or UPC Code
  •    Figure out correct Catagory (Taxonomy)
  •    Run data feed manually every month (not scheduling)
  •    Bugs & error free uploading

Outsource your Google Product Feed services to SkyWeb Service to assure yourself that we will comply with all the Google Shopping policies and legal requirements. We will let you control all the data including any specific information for special categories which is added to the Google Merchant Centre without any errors and mistakes.