Payment Posting & Charge Entry

Billing cycle comes to an end with payment posting services, as it records the payment of every patient in the billing management software. Payment posting services also helps in other attention required processes with appropriate actions. Outsourcing your payment posting services to SkyWeb Service will make you save time and money.

SkyWeb Service offers great medical billing services irrespective of the background you come from- practitioner, medical billing company or a medical group. We do it through a remote connection linked to your practice management software. SkyWeb Service is a well known medical billing outsourcing company with services such as payment posting, charge entry, offshore medical billing and accounts receivables services under its belt.

In other words, medical billing service which we provide is just another extension of the years of practice you have put in. We just help you build it better. Outsource your medical billing services to SkyWeb Service and see for yourself, how we help your business improve for good, with quicker cash flows in a hassle free process. Our specialization extends to several domains with expertise in over 20 Practice Management Software.

At SkyWeb Service, we deliver the best results with our team of highly accredited and skilled working professionals who have been in the industry from years, having knowledge and expertise, which can help you solve all your medical billing issues within no time.

With Our Medical Billing Services:

  • We help in reducing usual AR days to less than two months.
  • We help you bring down the usual AR over 3 months period to less than 9% of the total AR.
  • And, we help you in increasing the current collection level to a much higher level within no time.

We do payment posting services through the two methods mentioned below:

Auto Posting: Usually EOB payments come in electronic remittance advice form or ERA form files, which can be downloaded straight into the Practice Management system of the provider and hence the entire payment posting is done directly in the system for any time auditing by the provider.

Manual Posting: This is done by sending the EOBs to the posting team, where they are scanned at the doctor office, then shipped by them in pre-paid envelopes or by getting them picked at providers location. Once retrieved, posting process is followed by batch creation of payments and order to prevent any kind of problems or error after or before payment posting. This has to be done very carefully and it has to be ensured that all the money gets deposited into the doctors’ accounts and it matches the payment posting exactly.