Wordpress Development

Wordpress is a piece of software used inside blogs. It allows users to create and edit websites from a central control panel which includes a text editor for modifying content and other options to change design elements. It has become the most famous and widely accepted tool to use for any website as a blogging tool and for content management system (CMS).

It has a web template system using a template processor. At SkyWeb, we offer you best Wordpress Development Services, where our skilled developers will help you with following functions:

  • Themes customization, where you can install and switch between themes to change the look and functionality of a Wordpress website.
  • Wordpress plug-in, which allows the user to extend its features and custome their functions accordingly.
  • Setup of premalinks to improve SEO of your website.
  • Installation of company logo and graphics.
  • Wordpress blog development and customization.
  • Mobile Website Development.

We assure you end to end solution for the Wordpress Development Services and training for managing your website and ways to publish your content.